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The EEAC conference is making every effort to be fully sustainable, from using local products to reducing waste materials. Please note that as a result, we will NOT be providing any printed matter for delegates. If you wish to have paper copies of anything, please print them out for yourself.

The organisers of the Conference are committed to making the Conference as sustainable an event as possible, in accordance with ISO 20121: 2012 through acting upon their Event Sustainability Statement below.

Carbon will be offset by the planting of trees through working in collaboration with Treeflights, local companies from WISE Network will provide locally grown food throughout the Conference, and there will be many innovative sustainable activities taking place throughout.

There will be an emphasis on bringing science, policy and the arts together, with an interpretation of ecosystems through art being provided by Pontio, alongside seminars from researchers and policy makers.

Event Sustainability Statement

The EEAC Annual Conference 2013 is working towards achieving ISO 20121: 2012, the International Standard for an Events Sustainability Management System.

Why are we doing this?

We are changing our world with substantial implications for everyone, and event organisers are no exception. We need to understand these trends and the implications for our operation, and then implement strategies to manage our operation in a more sustainable way.

ISO 20121 has been developed for events to provide a framework of good practice and define the requirements for a management system to ensure an enduring and balanced approach to economic activity, environmental responsibility and social progress.  It is important that all aspects of our events are sustainable, and every choice, from venue and travel arrangements through to delegate pack contents, should be as ecologically responsible as possible.

What are the Features and Benefits?

1. ISO 20121 will help our events to:

  • continually improve sustainable performance within available budgets
  • reduce carbon emissions and waste, improving the resource efficiency of the entire event supply chain
  • improve social impacts such as community involvement and fair employment
  • secure local investment and long term viability
  • improve communications and enhance relations with stakeholders and suppliers

2. Certification to ISO 20121 provides:

  • ongoing assurance that our event management system is being adhered to and is effective
  • a focus for continual improvement
  • independent assurance to stakeholders that our events are managed in a sustainable manner
  • the ability to meet customer demands for sustainable events
  • credibility to our claim of delivering a sustainable event

Who does the standard apply to?

The standard applies to all types of events and is applicable to:
Tier 1: Event owner: anyone who commissions and is responsible for the overall management of an event
Tier 2: Event organiser: anyone with overall responsibility for managing the delivery of an event
Tier 3: Suppliers to the event: any organisation or individual providing products, services or facilities

What approach are we following?

Phase 1 – Plan

define policy & commitment to sustainability; identify key stakeholders & issues; set Key Performance Indicators

Phase 2 – Do

define responsibilities; train staff & ensure competency; ensure sufficient resources to implement and operate management system; manage supply chain

Phase 3 – Check and Act

monitor, measure and evaluate event against management system & objectives; continually improve performance

How do we get certification to ISO 20121?

We undergo audit of the system under which our planning, implementation and reviewing of our event activities are managed to confirm whether the system meets the requirements of ISO 20121.  Following demonstration of compliance to the standard, a certificate to ISO 20121 is issued allowing us to claim that we are ISO 20121compliant. This provides assurance and certification of the management of all our events.


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If you would like any further information, please contact:

Dr. Rosie Anthony, EEAC 2013 Conference Administrator
8 Alun Roberts, Bangor University, Bangor, LL57 2UW, UK. Tel: +44 (0) 7506 768 642