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Steps4ward talks to WISE Network

The templates and guidance available from WISE Network’s Sustainable Businesses Team and the WCBC team at Bangor University helped in the designing of policies for the use of the Welsh Language, for Equality and Diversity and for Environmental Management.

In fact so straightforward was the process that Steps4ward was awarded the Sustainable Business CharterMark within a week of Sandra Myer’s initial contact with our Sustainability Advisor.

Building people’s self confidence in their capabilities is a prime focus of Sandra’s Steps4ward programme with the aim of enabling people to take advantage of the educational opportunities available to them. Communication being a key skill it was natural for the need to use both Welsh and English to be a primary consideration in the design and running of the resource.

It’s been lovely working with all the wonderful people at the Wales Centre for Behaviour Change. I feel very blessed indeed with all the support that everyone has given me”, Sandra Myers, Owner.

Sandra talks about the Welsh language in her business (Fluent Welsh)