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Age Connects North Wales Central talks to WISE Network
Working with the Wales Centre for Behaviour Change and WISE Network provided Age Connects North Wales Central (ACNWC) with an opportunity to assess their organisation’s strengths. The Welsh Government’s strategy for Older People, 2013-2020, emphasises that people need to have access to social, environmental and financial resources to deal with the challenges and opportunities they face. ACNWC decided on two ways to increase the impact of their services on these resources.

Staff have been encouraged to improve recycling rates and ACNWC have started to discuss eco-centred projects with external partners. Offering a free Welsh course to staff and volunteers has helped improve the Welsh language service they offer clients.

We have been able to build coherent and robust Welsh Language policies and assess Environmental impact which has led to changes in staff perceptions and motivation. A key marker was the buy-in of our staff and this was helped and facilitated by this guidance and support’, said Judith Wynne, CEO.

Sabine Hoekema talks about the Welsh language in her business (Beginner’s Welsh with subtitles and fluent English. To access the subtitles click on the settings button (cog) in the video player bottom bar and select “English (United Kingdom)”)