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Validation of a Kenyan community carbon sequestration product

Case Studies, Environmental Remote Sensing & GIS

Ru Hartwell, Director of Treeflights, talks to WISE Network.

At Treeflights we are tremendously pleased with our partnership. It has been pivotal in helping us win £10,000 under the Welsh Governments Clean Energy Grant Scheme to implement the Bore Women’s Forest Project to plant 50,000 new trees in areas of Kenya subject to serious deforestation”  Ru Hartwell

Treeflights is a Lampeter based non-profit company offering voluntary carbon offsetting whereby companies or individuals pay for tree planting or forest protection community projects based in Kenya.  Drought resistant, fast growing Cashew trees are distributed to local farmers to plant on their own land to produce a useful high-protein cash crop after as little as 4 years.

The farmers have a strong vested interest in ensuring that their trees survive as they provide an alternative income to the community, instead of the charcoal made traditionally.

WISE uses remotely sensed data and GIS to depict tree-planting areas and demonstrate tree growth over time.

Tir Kenya Landscape