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The effect of kefir on microbial fermentation patterns in the gut

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Chuckling Goat talks to WISE Network

Gafr gyda Shann Nix Jones with her goat

Ten years ago, Californian Shann Nix Jones was an award-winning journalist and radio host whose exploits inspired the film “Never Been Kissed,” starring Drew Barrymore. Today Shann lives with her husband Richard on Chuckling Goat farm in West Wales, where they milk their own goats and use the milk to make an award-winning probiotic drink called kefir, as well as natural skin care designed to treat eczema.

Kefir is a fermented drink made from raw goats’ milk and a culture of yeasts and bacteria.  The WISE Network team at Aberystwyth University, IBERS is currently working with Chuckling Goat to test the specific effect of kefir on microbial fermentation patterns in the gut. Initial in vitro trials and data analysis has shown that the addition of kefir does boost fermentation in the gut. A follow up study will include an in vivo trial on companion animals and will focus on evaluating Chuckling Goat kefir for antibiotic recovery therapy.

Shann said:

We are thrilled to be working with Prof. Jamie Newbold and his team at the WISE Network, Aberystwyth.  IBERS is truly the home of exciting science, and this is an invaluable opportunity for an SME like ourselves to investigate and explore new applications of our products.  The goats are happy!”

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