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Testing “Thermo Poly Rock” blocks

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Affresol Ltd talks to WISE Network

Affresol Ltd is working with WISE Network to test for styrene content in headspace, leaching, microbial growth and degradation due to high temperatures and high UV light intensity of TPRTM (Thermo Poly Rock) blocks.  The company produces a high quality, low cost, quick construction system manufactured from TPRTM which is used as a direct replacement for timber frame and concrete block housing.

WISE Network’s Organic Geochemistry Research Team is providing assistance to test for styrene content emitted from the construction blocks.

Leaching experiments are also being undertaken to assess whether these blocks could be used to condense plastics in landfill sites without harming the environment.  Experiments are being undertaken to assess the potential degradation of the TPRTM blocks due to high levels of UV light intensity and high temperatures.