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“SuperSuDS”: a natural approach to alleviating flood risk

Case Studies, Ecological Engineering

Paul Hodgkiss of Waterco talks to WISE Network

WISE Network has opened doors for Waterco to access powerful spatial data, which through the project’s expertise with both GIS and the time they have taken to understand and interpret our business is dramatically contributing to our aim to deliver flood risk alleviation through the implementation of natural approaches.” Paul Hodgkiss, Waterco.

The water management policy landscape has changed, with emphasis moving from flood ‘defence’ to flood ‘risk management’.  There has been a call for more sustainable, resilient approaches such as green infrastructure initiatives including ‘SuDS’, washlands, floodplain restoration, wetland and woodland creation.  Yet traditional engineering solutions persist, aided by the complexities of evaluating new ‘sustainable’ and ‘integrated’ approaches, with numerous stakeholders, funding solutions and landowners.

Developing an integrated, systematic approach, Waterco aim to navigate these complexities to deliver ‘mainstream’ projects and create an innovative, flood risk management service to offer a more cost effective natural approach.