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Separate collections of recyclables – 2 months to go, are you ready?

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WISE Network in partnership with CIWM Cymru Wales held a free knowledge sharing event last Friday on the prevalent, widely discussed topic of separate recycling collections.  Following the revised Waste Framework Directive to take measures to promote high quality recycling, there will be a specific requirement in Wales to set up separate collections of paper, plastic, metal and glass from the 1st January 2015.

The event was well-attended with 40 delegates and a wide range of speakers, sharing information on how the new legislation would affect them personally, and the measures taken to assist businesses in going beyond compliance, by looking at how improved recycling practices can help in ensuring a resource efficient, financially viable and competitive operation.

The workshop encouraged dialogue between the legislature, the regulator, local authorities, local waste collectors and other local businesses to exchange good practice and offer advice and guidance on issues surrounding recycling.

There is a similar event taking place in Llanelli on Friday the 21st November 2014.  Please visit the ‘Events’ page for further information.