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Securing the beekeeping industry and bee population in Wales

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The National Beekeeping Centre Wales talks to WISE Network

The National Beekeeping Centre Wales (NBCW) is a Community Interest Company which aims to develop and secure a vigorous, healthy and environmentally responsible beekeeping industry and bee population in Wales and beyond.  They do this via education, facilitation, support and influencing.

WISE Network initially provided qualitative research assistance amongst their staff, volunteers and management board to assist them in defining their offer and identify new products and services to take to market.

Following this, WISE Network and NBCW embarked on a collaborative R&D project in association with consumer psychology MSc students to analyse the behaviour and experience of visitors to their centre.  They then looked at psychological techniques that could be employed to enhance the experience and maximise engagement with NBCW activities.

The research will enable NBCW to maximise the available space for their public engagement activities whilst also improving revenue to support the work of the company.