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Reducing the environmental impact of closure storage materials

Case Studies, Resource Efficiency, Sustainable Product Development

Viscose Closures talks to WISE Network

Viscose Closures produce cellulose closures to seal bottle tops for a wide variety of applications.  These are supplied in a storage solution containing polyethylene glycol, which acts as a plasticiser for the closures prior to fitting.  This storage solution contains biocide to prevent degradation of the closure material.

Viscose Closures approached WISE Network to assist in reducing the environmental impact of their closure storage materials.  As a result, assays have been developed to determine the effectiveness of lower impact approaches to prevention of microbial degradation.  Using a high throughput fluorescence based resazurin assay, we can compare the inhibitory effect on microbial growth of different concentrations of polyethylene glycol, and of decreasing amounts of biocide.

We have also compared the environmental impact of the biocide in use with other products.  Furthermore, we are trialling different formulations of storage solutions, and undertaking experiments to determine the biodegradability of used closures in soil.