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Reducing electricity costs through analysing patterns of consumption

Case Studies, Resource Efficiency, Sustainable Business Development

Bangor University’s Estates Team works with WISE Network

In order to help businesses understand how to get the most out of electricity monitoring systems, WISE Network decided to start at home by gaining a better understanding of electricity use on Bangor University’s campus.

heat_map_biAs a first step a ‘heat map‘ that allows us to compare electricity use for every half hour period over the whole of 2013 was produced.  It clearly shows that electricity is mostly consumed during normal weekday hours (red), as well as in the evenings during term times (at the halls of residence).  Knowing our ‘patterns of consumption’ gives us clues on how and where we can realistically change our behaviour.  Insight like this enables us to reduce energy costs and reduce CO2 in a way that fits our operational needs.

This is a work in progress.  If you’re interested in understanding more about your own business’ energy use, please contact us to find out more.