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Recycled materials boost creativity

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Siân Hutchinson talks to WISE Network

Siân Hutchinson, an Art Therapist working across Wales, Britain and further afield, has decided to emphasise her use of recycled, re-used materials and minimal waste as part of her marketing strategy.

Having contacted the Wales Centre for Behaviour Change (WCBC) in order to explore the possibilities for co-working, Siân was able to take advantage of the business sustainability support offered in conjunction with the Sustainable Businesses Team (which works in partnership with WISE Network).  Exploring issues around the Welsh Language and Environmental impact led to her writing policies in these areas.  She was the first of the WCBC’s clients to receive the Sustainable Business CharterMark.

Siân’s Welsh Language policy emphasises making the visual aspects of her business more bilingual and although there may be costs related to translation she regards this as a worthwhile investment to make her work more accessible to a greater audience.
Siân Hutchinson

It was easier than I thought to write an Environmental Policy, all I had to do was emphasise what I already do anyway in terms of minimising waste and re-using and re-cycling materials.  I find that recycled materials boost my creativity so it’s beneficial to the quality of my work, reduces costs and benefits the environment all at once.” says Siân.

To find out more about Siân and her work visit her website.