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Rapid biochar production from common land management harvests

Case Studies, Ecological Engineering, Quality Control and Process Monitoring, Resource Efficiency, Sustainable Product Development

Siôn Brackenbury of CommonsVision Ltd talks to Kath Ficken of WISE Network.

With investment from WISE Network we have been able to develop our concepts from the drawing board to commercialisation, a fantastic service.” Siôn Brackenbury, Project Manager.

CommonsVision is working with WISE Network to develop a means of producing biochar rapidly from feedstocks that are commonly removed from common ground such as bracken, as well as other invasive species such as rhododendron and Himalayan balsam.  The company provides practical solutions to common land and ecological issues and the production of biochar provides a means of improving soil and enhancing carbon capture whilst assisting in the removal of invasive species.

“The expert advice provided, analyses undertaken and access to research equipment by WISE has enabled us to develop our ideas and prove our processes to colleagues and regulators within the UK” endorses Siôn.

WISE Network’s Biochar and Organic Geochemistry Research Teams are providing assistance utilising equipment at Swansea University to develop the design and build of the pyrolysis unit, used to produce biochar, by testing the flue gases and particulates produced during the production of char, in order to optimise the charring process.  Analysis of the feed stocks and biochar are also being tested for PAH and toxic compounds, to assess whether the biochar produced from invasive species is suitable for use as a soil improver.

Royal fern

This project could further develop to determine the viability of biochar production as a sustainable land management practice. WISE Network hopes to help Commons Vision build commercial opportunities with other Welsh businesses who manage ecological areas where invasive species are prevalent.

Graphs of biochar analyses