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Quantifying human responses to the physical environment

Case Studies, Sustainable Health and Wellbeing, Sustainable Product Development

Rory Wilson of Wildbytes Ltd speaks to Geoff Proffitt of WISE Network.

The WISE Network helped us significantly in driving our product development phase forward by providing access to state of the art facilities and accelerometers expertise.”   Rory Wilson, Director Wildbytes.

Wildbytes Ltd aims to clearly describe how people can best interact with the physical world.  A detailed and in depth understanding of an individual’s physical movement can provide a deep understanding of their individual and particular response to the world and the circumstances they may find themselves in.

The project sets out to routinely quantify human responses to the physical environment from seconds to years, by the use of accelerometers and bespoke visualisation software for behavioural analyses.

WISE Network is assisting in developing the technology to ensure that it works with people. Therefore we can determine a person’s physical performance , general health and efficiency, ability to register and cope with stress and their ability to rehabilitate from physical injury and medication.  This is clearly important in a medical, health and fitness products, and Rory is delighted with progress.

We would never be able to develop our product as quickly without the WISE Network” he states.