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The EEAC conference is making every effort to be fully sustainable, from using local products to reducing waste materials. Please note that as a result, we will NOT be providing any printed matter for delegates. If you wish to have paper copies of anything, please print them out for yourself and bring them with you. Remember to bring a tablet or notebook in order to make notes.

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You can watch each video for recorded sessions by clicking on each session’s link in the table below
Watch the playlists of all proceedings from both Conference Rooms using the following 3 links:
Trailer | Prichard Jones Hall playlist | Powis Hall playlist

Time Conference Sessions – Prichard Jones Hall and Powis Hall, Bangor University
0800-0900 Registration, Prichard Jones Hall, Bangor University

INTRODUCTORY SESSION – Prichard Jones Hall. Chair – Peter Davies, Wales Commissioner for Sustainable Futures

0900-0910 Administrative announcements
0910-0920 Host institution welcome – Prof. John Hughes, Vice Chancellor, Bangor University (starts at 2:37)
0920-0930 Host Nation Welcome Address – Lord Dafydd Elis-Thomas, Chair, Environment and Sustainability Committee, National Assembly for Wales [presented in absentia by Dr Shaun Russell, Wales Environment Research Hub]
0930-0950 Scene-setting – Prof Miranda Schreurs, Chair, EEAC
0950-1020 Conference Keynote Presentation – Managing Ecosystems for People, Nature and Economy – Prof. Jacqui McGlade, (Executive Director, European Environment Agency, 2003-2013)
1020-1045 Coffee/Tea – Prichard Jones Hall

EUROPE – PARALLEL SESSIONS – Prichard Jones Hall and Powis Hall

EUROPEAN POLICY – Prichard Jones Hall

Chair – Dr. Bill Watts, Environment Agency


Chair – Dr. Harry Harmens, NERC – Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

1045-1110 European Environmental Management: Moving to an Ecosystems Approach – Ten years on – Dr Sabine E Apitz, SEA Environmental Decisions Ecosystem Services Research in Europe: Directions and Challenges – Prof Dr Kurt Jax, Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ at Leipzig
1110-1135 Ecosystem services and sustainable agriculture. Prof. Ian Hodge, Land Economy, University of Cambridge Valuing air pollution impacts on ecosystem services – UK and European perspectives – Dr Laurence Jones, (CEH-UK)
1135-1200 Ecosystem services for human health and well-being – Conor Kretsch, Director, CoHab Initiative, Ireland Research input to implementing EU Biodiversity Strategy – Ece Ozdemiroglu, Economics for the Environment Consultancy Ltd (eftec)
1200-1250 Speakers questions and poster session: Ecosystems Management — Evidence for Policy in Europe (Chair — Dr Tim Pagella, Wales Environment Research Hub, in absentia chaired by Prof. Jaqui McGlade)
1250-1350 Lunch – Prichard Jones Hall

UK – PARALLEL SESSIONS – Prichard Jones Hall and Powis Hall


Chair – Prof. Andrew Pullin, Centre for Evidence Based Conservation, Bangor University


Chair – Prof Bridget Emmett, NERC – Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

1350-1415 The policy behind ecosystem services and the ecosystem approach in the UK – Dr. Jessa Battersby, Joint Nature Conservation Committee
view pdf of presentation slides
Ecosystems assessment – Prof Steve Albon, Co-Leader, UK National Ecosystem Assessment
1415-1440 Ecosystem services approach initiatives, England – applying the ecosystem approach on the ground – Jane Lusardi, Natural England
view pdf of presentation slides
Ecosystem services scenarios – Prof. Roy Haines-Young, Centre for Environmental Management, University of Nottingham
1440-1505 Ecosystem spproach initiatives in Scotland – Sally Thomas, Head of Land Use and Biodiversity, Scottish Government
view pdf of presentation slides
Valuing ecosystem services – Dr Ruth Welters, Valuing Nature Network
1505-1525 Coffee/Tea – Prichard Jones Hall

WALES – PARALLEL SESSIONS – Prichard Jones Hall and Powis Hall

WALES POLICY – Prichard Jones Hall

Chair – Peter Davies, Wales Commissioner for Sustainable Futures


Chair – Chris Lea, Deputy Director, Land Nature and Forestry, Welsh Government

1525-1550 Welsh Government policy on sustainable development and the ecosystem approach in Wales- Matthew Quinn, Director of Environment and Sustainable Development, Welsh Government Ecosystems science in Wales 1 – Prof. Bridget Emmett, NERC – Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Bangor
1550-1615 Cyfoeth Naturiol Cymru/Natural Resources Wales – Dr Emyr Roberts, Chief Executive, Natural Resources Wales
view pdf of presentation slides
Ecosystems science in Wales 2 – Prof Dave Chadwick, Bangor University
1615-1640 Ecosystems management in Wales in practice: the work of Dwr Cymru/Welsh Water – Dr Tony Harrington, Environment Director, DC/WW WISE mapping for a sustainable Wales – Prof. Jamie Newbold, Aberystwyth University

CONCLUDING SESSION in plenary – Prichard Jones Hall. Chair – Prof Gareth Wyn Jones, Land-use Subgroup Chair, Climate Change Commission of Wales

1640-1720 Joint Session – science into policy for ecosystems, nature and people
1720-1730 Concluding Remarks – Prof Gareth Wyn Jones (starts at 44:00)
1730 Close
1930- Conference Dinner – Reichel Hall
0915-1600 The ecosystem approach in action – field site visit to NRW partnership project demonstrating multiple ecosystem service benefits in the Anglesey Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (EU-LIFE+ Anglesey Wetlands Project).


*The network of European Environment and Sustainable Development Advisory Councils (EEAC) was established in 1993 and today has 23 member councils representing 16 European countries at the level of Member State, Accession Country or Regional Government (e.g. Wales). The 2012 annual conference in Rotterdam – ‘Keep Moving Towards Sustainability’ – attracted delegates from 20 member councils and an audience of 200. It was addressed by the EU Environment Commissioner and the Dutch Environment Minister, and a suite of leading thinkers and practitioners in the theme area. This model is being replicated for the Bangor Conference in 2013.


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If you would like any further information, please contact:

Dr. Rosie Anthony, EEAC 2013 Conference Administrator
8 Alun Roberts, Bangor University, Bangor, LL57 2UW, UK. Tel: +44 (0) 7506 768 642