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Process monitoring of gold substrates

Case Studies, Quality Control and Process Monitoring

Robin Pitson of Gwent Electronic Materials Ltd talks to WISE Network

our work with WISE Network helped us to understand our products better and ultimately deliver better quality to our customers” states Robin.

Gwent Electronic Materials Ltd (GEM) produce screen printed electrodes for sensing applications, for example, to monitor the air quality in work environments.

WISE Network assisted GEM with process monitoring of their gold substrates.  Electrochemical sensors often use precious metals such as silver, platinum or gold.  Of key importance for the production of screen printed electrodes is to achieve a uniform particle distribution from batch to batch.

One technique used to assess the gold particles is x-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis that assesses the crystalline shape of the printed “gold”.  XRD was used to measure the fine structure of the deposited gold and how it varies depending on processing conditions, hence GEM modified their production technique and tailored the product towards the customer’s needs.