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#Ecoamgueddfa talks to WISE Network

Seven heritage sites in Pen Llŷn approached WISE Network for assistance in establishing the first ever #Ecoamgueddfa in Wales (there are already 331 eco-museums established across Europe).

The assistance was delivered successfully and as a result a further £64,000 was attracted from the Technology Strategy Board to employ a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Associate.  This KTP is now running and is already showing benefits in improving the awareness and international reach of Pen Llŷn as a tourist destination.

Based on evidence from other Ecomuseums we can expect a conservative £2.5M additional tourism revenue into the local economy as a result of the #Ecoamgueddfa project catalysed by WISE Network.

The #Ecoamgueddfa has already seen significant success in its first few months with the adoption of collaborative social media providing reach to new, diverse and much larger audiences for the tourism offer in this part of North Wales.