Rhwydwaith WISE :: WISE Network


WISE Network is structured into themes:

Sustainable Business Development

Develop new opportunities and fitter business practices by tapping into our expertise in environmentally and socially responsible business development.  Real benefits include stable supply chains, unique selling points, winning new contracts, risk reduction, willing staff, recommendations from your community, and customers that love to buy from you.

Ecological Engineering

Want to enhance your profile, your offering to customers and benefit your own business practices while adding value to society and safeguarding local ecosystems? Whatever your need, we can assist in the planning, design, construction and management of ecosystems that add value to both humans and the environment.

Sustainable Product Development

Increase your profitability while reducing your dependency on scarce resources by minimising the impact of your products throughout their lifecycles.  Work with us to develop your manufacturing processes, review the materials you use and waste, and determine your products’ end-of-life cycle.

Quality Control and Process Monitoring

Access our expertise and advanced instrumentation to ensure that your raw ingredients live up to your expectations, your processes consistently deliver and your final products meet your specification every time.

Sustainable Health and Wellbeing

Exploit new business opportunities developed in collaboration with our experts to promote sustainable products that benefit gut health in humans and companion animals using plant extracts and microbial additives to manipulate microbial fermentations and developing screening platforms that combine expertise in microbial ecology and the outcomes of microbial fermentation.

Resource Efficiency

With future resources becoming scarcer and ever more expensive it is vital that businesses manage their resources efficiently.   It is estimated that 2% of annual business profits are lost through inefficient loss of resources. Changes can be simple: reducing waste using recycled materials and innovating in both design and process.

Environmental Remote Sensing & GIS

Discover the commercial value of your data by tapping into our world-leading research using earth observation data and powerful spatial information technologies to find the best ways to visualise, analyse, and share your information, enabling you to identify customer behaviours, demographic and lifestyle information, amenities, routing  and much more.