Rhwydwaith WISE :: WISE Network

Facilities and equipment

It is useful for us to have access to experts for advice and analytical expertise just down the road.  We recently needed to solve an unexpected problem and the speed and efficiency with which WISE Network helped us in this was invaluable.”

Andrew Beggin, MD for Phytovation Ltd

Bangor assets

  • Clarus 480 gc
  • TT DMA Humidity Generator
  • TTMA System
  • Nicolet 8700A
  • Benchtop refrigerated centrifuge
  • UV Testing equipment
  • Brabender Plastograph
  • Pressurised refining of biomass and biocomposites board production
  • Pilot-scale chemistry processing unit
  • Labtech scientific twin screw extruder type LTE – 26 – 40 and LCR-300 Sheet/ film casting line
  • Liquid/ supercritical carbon dioxide extraction equipment
  • Small Scale Extraction Equipment
  • Pilot Scale Extraction Equipment
  • High intensity, large scale sonic processing cell
  • Wet biomass fractionation line
  • Pulp and paper equipment
  • Analytical capability

Aberystwyth assets

  • Gut simulation platforms
  • Gut content analysis
  • Fingerprint analysis


Anaerobic culture techniques. Use of classical Hungate culture technique and its variants (including use of anaerobic chambers) for isolation and maintenance of strictly anaerobic bacteria and fungi. Skills and facilities for isolation and maintenance of anaerobic rumen protozoa.


Habitat simulating fermentors. Access to a wide range of habit simulating fermentors. These range from simple in vitro batch culture (including the gas production system) to more complicated continuous fermentors including the rumen simulating fermentor (Rusitec) and dual flow rumen simulating fermentors.

Molecular biology

Molecular phylogenetic analysis Expertise in microbial identification and phylogenetic analysis. IIin lab high throughput sequencing facilities and bioinformatics expertise Molecular transformations. Expertise in the production of genomic and cDNA libraries from gut microbes and the use of gene knockout and anaerobic transformation systems.

Analytical facilities

Microbial metabolism. Fully equipped analytical facilities including NIR, FTIR, GLC, FPLC, HPLC, elemental analysis, enzymatic analysis and automated chemical analysis. systems.

Swansea assets

The WISE Network manages a laboratory at Swansea University to analyse and process water, sediment and specimen samples. The laboratory comprises a unique benthic specimen reference collection as well as specialist compact and stereo-microscopes.

For catchment studies and sediment samples, the WISE Network has access to muffle furnaces for determining organic content, a Coulter particle-size analyser, Bartington magnetic susceptibility equipment and a Niton XRF analyser for determining heavy metal concentrations.

Other specific pieces of laboratory equipment include:

  • Parr Automatic Isoperibol Calorimeter
  • Stable Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer with Elemental Analyser
  • Flowcam Particle Analyser
  • Handy Pea Chlorophyll Fluorescence System
  • Testo 350 analyser kit comprising: Testo 350 control unit; Testo 350 analyser box with 02, CO, NO, NO2, SO2 and Hydrocarbon sensors fitted, Peltier Gas Preparation with pump and fresh air valve for auto zero calibration and DC voltage input option fitted; modular flue gas probe 1000C 335mm, 2.2m hose; connection cable; transport case for analyser and probes; and copy of easy emissions software

Field equipment and other facilities available at Swansea University include:

  • Leica GNSS NetRover for highly accurate topographic surveys in real-time
  • YSI 6600-M Sonde, a self logging in situ probe to measure profiles of conductivity (salinity), temperature, oxygen saturation, turbidity, and chlorophyll fluorescence
  • Seismic Recording System/Resistivity Imaging System/Surface Seismic Receiver System
  • 2 Channel AA3 EcoAnalyser
  • Polytunnels
  • Photosynthesis System Lcpro+
  • Underwater video system
  • ES60 Echosounder system
  • OLEX 3D Seabed Mapping System
  • OLEX HT Ground Discrimination Software
  • Prawn larvae tanks
  • Rotor Gene 6000 HRM
  • Hanna Water Test Portable Laboratory
  • Water quality logging probe for pH measurement
  • Petterson D-1000 Bat Detectors
  • SM2 Bat+ Recorder
  • Bat Detector Mk 004 Magenta
  • WQL -pH Set
  • Song meter SM2 Terrestrial Acoustic Package
  • Sweep Nets
  • T100 Thermocycler