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New ways of looking at energy consumption

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Bangor University’s ‘Software Hut’ talks to WISE Network

Instant feedback on energy consumption at home and work is vital to reducing our carbon footprints, so user-friendly displays are very important, but often, energy monitors don’t make it obvious what’s happening. Many are abandoned after just a few weeks, meaning that users aren’t aware of their energy use so aren’t encouraged to reduce consumption.

WISE Network teamed up with some of Bangor University’s Computer Science undergraduates on the ‘Software Hut’ project to develop more effective and fun displays.

Two examples of web-based energy visualisations: move your mouse cursor over them to see the various levels of energy use (‘low’=green/happy; ‘high’=red/sad).

The creators (Craig Bebbington, Aaron Hughes, Ryan Neal, Benjamin Sobey and Andrew Williams, supervised by Dr Dave Perkins) used variations in colour, shape and speed to represent how quickly we use energy, creating user-friendly, simple and informative alerts of high energy use as well as providing fun background interest when consumption falls to more acceptable levels. They are now third years, having successfully passed this module and their second year.

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