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Litter-Warriors or Citizen Scientists? Embracing open science as a tool to understand littering behaviour in Snowdonia

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John ac Owain o'r Cymdeithas Eryri gyda'r ap :: John and Owain of the Snowdonia Society with the app

John and Owain of the Snowdonia Society with the app

These days science isn’t just about people in labs with white coats, it’s about people like you with a passion for collecting new knowledge.  It’s about people we call Citizen Scientists, who now collect and analyse data in their free time for subjects as diverse as biology and astronomy.  They have a passion, and nowhere is that stronger than for users of our beautiful Snowdonia countryside.

So, hearing of their need to collect data on littering problems, in order to focus their limited resources most effectively, we’ve been helping the Snowdonia Society embrace the worlds of citizen science and open data by developing an open-source GPS-enabled app for litter logging, and a template for sharing the resulting data on a digital map.

Best of all it’s bilingual, highlighting the importance of the Welsh language through our national icon of Snowdon.  For more information please see the links below:

You can see the open-source app and web-template here

See some of our open-data litter surveys here (which you can contribute to).

Visit the Snowdonia Society website