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Fifty businesses awarded Sustainable Business CharterMark since launch in July

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Many businesses realise that sustainability sells, but it can be difficult to tell the difference between those that only state their credentials and those that are truly committed to making a difference.  In July 2013, we launched a new Sustainable Business CharterMark that is only available to enterprises that have demonstrated they have developed their practices.

chartermark_bilingual_2013_150The CharterMark (pictured) called “Working towards a Sustainable Future with business sense” includes the year that the business undertook their improvements.  The business can display it on its marketing materials to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable development.

Fifty companies have now received the CharterMark since it’s launch.  WISE Network company Phytorigins was the first company to receive the award, and since then the list has grown rapidly to include businesses throughout Wales.

SEACAMSAnglesey Sea Salt is one company that has received the CharterMark.  They have been collaborating with Bangor University through the SEACAMS and WISE Network projects.  Over the past five years they have formalised their sustainability policies, which were the first step to improving many practices.  This has led to measurable changes such as using solar panels, heat exchangers and low energy bulbs.

Last year, Anglesey Sea Salt changed from using tubes to hold their sea salt to pouches and header cards.  As a result there was a saving in CO2 and weight, and recycling is straightforward.

The saving in weight alone means that the company has saved on carriage costs which has helped to offset fuel increases by carriers. Another benefit is that the company could get their second run of 100,000 pouches from the UK instead of India and the header cards are now printed on recycled card by a Welsh printer,” states David Lea-Wilson, Director of Anglesey Sea Salt.

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