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Enhancing brownfield biodiversity

Case Studies, Ecological Engineering, Sustainable Health and Wellbeing

Acer Ecology and Buglife talk to WISE Network

Since 2010, Open Mosaic Habitats on Previously Developed Land (‘brownfield’) has been included in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan as priority habitats.  Consequently, derelict land has been targeted to determine its potential as wildlife refuges and biodiversity hotspots.

The study of brownfield sites within South Wales, under the West Glamorgan Stepping Stones for Wildlife Project, was commissioned by Buglife.  Grant funding obtained from WREN was utilised, in conjunction with Acer Ecology, to survey and catalogue a number of indicator and ecologically significant groups.  To create a step change in understanding, WISE Network offered this study its significant expertise in ecological surveys of Brownfield sites.

As a result of this three-way collaboration, Acer Ecology has secured further contracts.  Furthermore, Buglife is planning to develop management strategies to increase biodiversity and improve the ecosystem services and resilience provided by Brownfield sites whilst enhancing the aesthetic value for human well-being.