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Development of an enzyme-based sensor to rapidly detect tuberculosis

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Guido Drago of Applied Enzyme Technology Ltd. talks to WISE Network.

Applied Enzyme Technology Ltd (AET) specialises in enzyme stabilisation used for the measurement of distinct metabolites.

Tubercolosis (TB) is a bacterial disease that is becoming more prevalent worldwide. The usual way to detect TB is to take a sputum sample and culture the bacteria to be identified taking at least a month.  AET are developing an enzyme based sensor to detect TB in blood samples. The market is in countries with high incidence of TB and without the infrastructure to culture samples.

WISE Network assessed the stability of nanoparticles that are used in the sensor and AET are developing a novel way of detecting TB, have attracted further grant funding, and got the World Health Organisation interested.

our focus from the WISE Network was for the improvement of current products, but this led to a whole new direction in our business strategy” reports Guido.