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Developing a new alternative non-dairy ‘milk’ based on cereal grains

Case Studies, Sustainable Health and Wellbeing

Silage Solutions talks to WISE Network

The aim of the project was to develop the technological process and to isolate the ideal biological cultures to produce an alternative non-dairy ‘milk’, based on locally-sourced cereals, as a real alternative to dairy and soya milk and their products.

Silage Solutions, a company based in mid-Wales, was linked to research scientists within the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences Institute at Aberystwyth University through WISE Network.  The new product development phase has lasted 18 months.  The product has been tested for microbiological safety showing that the product has a shelf life of 14 days.

The next stages require validating the production process to ensure conformity and product quality to meet consumer demands.  An independent report was produced providing evidence that there is a good market opportunity for this product.