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Detecting bluebell scent

Case Studies, Quality Control and Process Monitoring

Cwmni Da talks to WISE Network.

bluebell_200 Cwmni Da, a film producing company located in Caernarfon, produced “Wild Things” a six part series for Channel 4.  Early in 2013 an episode on bluebells was broadcast, which amongst other things showed that it is possible to distinguish native and hybrid bluebells by scent alone.  The native bluebells (Hyacinthoides non-scripta) are scented, the Spanish bluebells are not.

The analytical detective work was undertaken by WISE Network staff. The conclusion of the programme was that as part of the botanical identification process, whether bluebells are scented or not is a morphological characteristic that enables them to be classified as ‘pure native’, ‘Spanish’ or ‘hybrid’ but that more work is required.

So, the story is not over yet.  During the next flowering season we will be trying to collect sufficient scent to enable us to isolate the individual compounds.  Perhaps bluebell essential oil can finally be bottled!