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Cylch talks to WISE Network

Cylch is a community recycling network in Wales made up of members from community reuse organisations providing social and economic opportunities to manage resources from waste.  WISE Network and Cylch’s selected consultant have explored Cylch’s Wales Reuse Strategy to deliver the opportunity for creating Community Reuse Hubs across Wales, specifically for textiles, electrical goods and furniture.

The goal was to develop a detailed understanding of material streams in Wales and understand the market for reuse and recycling products.  WISE Network’s Reuse Research Team successfully carried out data analysis and market research around material flows etc, and presented a report identifying the key opportunities for reuse for the community sector was created which included stream maps, market analysis, and development of first set of options for capacity development.  WISE Network’s GIS Team then created maps of the data including location of potential reuse hubs and current Cylch members’ capacity.