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Combining remote sensing and GIS with pictorial evaluation tools to investigate food security

Case Studies, Environmental Remote Sensing & GIS

AA International talks to WISE Network

AA International Ltd is a private company dedicated to providing effective and timely agricultural advice and rural assessments for the better understanding and promotion of food security in rural communities.

The company was created in 2005 by Director Dr Ian Robinson.  It was formed as a University of Wales spin-out company.  The staff and associates have a broad range of global experience and skills that lend themselves to the design, management and appraisal of a diversity of agricultural/ food security projects and programmes in developing countries.

In collaboration with WISE Network they are scoping out the development of a technique to integrate the PET approach and field manual with remote sensing and GIS.  They hope to improve the accuracy of crop assessments, scope of measurements and acceptability of crop productivity assessment in food insecure areas.