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Blue carbon: Payment for Ecosystems Services scheme in Zanzibar

Case Studies, Ecological Engineering, Environmental Remote Sensing & GIS

Sazani Associates talks to WISE Network

Sazani Associates is a Carmarthen based non-profit, research and development organization specialising in community engagement through participatory research and development of integrated programmes for sustainable rural development in the UK and overseas.

WISE Network to provided scientific validation of the carbon value of seagrasses and mangroves to apply for carbon credit schemes.

Sazani researched the local area and have supported community engagement, raising awareness of the economic and environmental benefits of the mangrove forest for and with local people.  For the local people, mangroves can help protect shorelines and support coastal ecosystems, and on a global scale mangroves trap carbon which could help with climate change.

WISE Network is working towards validating the blue carbon stock of the mangrove and sea grass forests, which will enable them to support local communities through the Payment for Ecosystem Services scheme to manage the environments more sustainably, generating livelihoods and environmental benefits.