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Biodegradable plastic dosing bottles for Reefshotz

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Proprietor Gareth Bull talks to Matt Robinson of WISE Network

“…being able to tell potential clients that your business is working with Universities in Wales to develop products certainly adds value.” – Gareth Bull, Proprietor of Reefshotz.

Reefshotz is working with WISE Network to explore the suitability of biodegradable plastics to bottle their live algae and copepod products which provide natural food for organisms in domestic marine aquaria, and to undertake market research to analyse potential commercial opportunities and threats.

Gareth fully endorses working with WISE Network: “this level of expertise is not normally available to start-up companies without being cost prohibitive, so it has been of huge benefit to Reefshotz”

WISE Network’s Biopolymers Research Team is providing assistance utilising world-leading facilities at Bangor University to assess the suitability of a number of biodegradable polymer films, including whether the films will blow mould into the correct shape for the dosing bottles, their strength and resilience to degradation by their contents, and their appropriateness for storing, transporting and measuring doses of Reefshotz’s delicate live cultures.

This project could further develop to determine the viability of end users reusing the empty bottles as a carbon source for bacteria in domestic marine aquaria to partially or wholly replace the need to separately purchase specialist biodegradable polymer beads.  Additionally WISE Network hopes to help Reefshotz build commercial opportunities with other Welsh businesses who have expertise in blow-moulding biopolymers.