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Bio-active neutraceuticals for pets

Case Studies, Quality Control and Process Monitoring, Sustainable Health and Wellbeing, Sustainable Product Development

Dr Carol Michael of Superfix talks to Vera Thoss of WISE Network.

Superfix produces nutraceutical products for animals. Nutraceuticals are often plant-derived extracts that contain a specific biologically-active compound in high concentration. For the companion animal market, the challenge is to assure that the “active” compound remains chemically unchanged during processing.

During initial negotiations between Superfix and a large animal feed producer, the question arose whether the “active” would remain biologically-active after the necessary heat-treatment of the product.

The WISE Network team analysed both the extract itself and the product in order to ascertain that the “active” neither reduced in concentration nor that other components of the extract produced potentially undesirable side-products. As no changes were detected, production went ahead with both parties confident in the added-value of the plant extract.

Working with WISE Network has increased our confidence in our products, thus benefiting our potential growth as a company” comments Dr Michael