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Analysing heavy metal and petroleum pollution in canal sediments

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Swansea Canal Society talks to WISE Network

Swansea Canal Society is a charity whose key aims include restoring the canal to navigable standards, protecting its wildlife and improving the environment.

WISE Network is collaborating with the Society to develop a dredging strategy to ensure the Society meets its key aims.  The strategy includes quantifying the amount of silt to be removed, determining contamination levels, developing methods of silt disposal and calculating costs.

The team is currently ascertaining the amount, depth and contamination of the silt from Clydach to Ynysmeudwy.  Cores were taken from determined locations, enabling analysis of the silt samples for heavy metal content and organic pollutants such as petroleum compounds.  In addition, we are investigating the impact of invasive species such as Himalayan Balsalm on methods of silt disposal.

This is a marvellous piece of R&D that will bring about informed decisions by ourselves and the Trust on all future plans”, said Martin Davies.