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WISE Network at the Eisteddfod 2014

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The WISE Network team had a busy and successful week at the Carmarthenshire National Eisteddfod.  It was an excellent opportunity to showcase a range of new products and services that Welsh SME’s (in convergence area) have developed with support from WISE Network e.g. AA Internationals food maps, oak smoked water from Halen Môn, Dr.Zigs bubbles and bio-char from Commons Vision.  There were also two examples of projects that have been funded following initial assistance from WISE Network, #Eco-amgueddfa and an economic research project with the National Eisteddfod.

Edwina Hart & Einir Young, WISE NetworkEdwina Hart (left, with Einir Young, WISE Network), the Minister for Economy, Science and Transport, visited the stall on Wednesday, to learn more about the latest WISE Network developments.  It was also an opportunity to discuss the work that WISE Network is undertaking across Wales through the three Universities, Aberystwyth, Bangor and Swansea, to enable businesses to collaborate closely with the Universities to develop sustainable products, processes and services, and contribute positively to a more sustainable Wales, economically, socially and environmentally.

gwenan_einir_johnhughes_eisteddfod2014_200Bangor University’s Vice Chancellor, John Hughes (with Gwenan Griffith, Ecoamgueddfa, & Einir Young, WISE Network), also called in to see us on Wednesday, and was keen to learn more about the #Eco-amgueddfa and the work that Bangor University is undertaking with the local community in Gwynedd.  The Vice-Chancellor is keen that the University becomes known globally as the Sustainable University and he is extremely supportive of the efforts to ‘Bring Sustainability to Life’ across campus and beyond.  As the introduction to the University’s new Sustainability Policy he states:

At Bangor University, sustainability is part of everything we do. It is how we function and why we function.”  Professor John G.Hughes, Vice Chancellor