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WISE Network at the Eisteddfod

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The Welsh Institute for Natural Resources’ Sustainability team had two fun days at the Science and Technology tent in the Denbighshire and District National Eisteddfod.  The intention of the stall this year was to display work being carried out by European projects WISE Network and SEACAMS.

Plant yn darlunio poster :: Children designing a posterAs Health was the theme of the science tent this year we enticed the visitors to think of the connection between health and sustainability. The colourful display of activities and posters encouraged people to consider how our everyday decisions (big and small) will affect other people, the planet and prosperity.

Alun Davies yn drio'r ap :: Alun Davies trys the appThe main attraction was our new app ‘Trolley Dash’ and many jumped at the unique opportunity to try a completely new app that has been developed by the School of Psychology and WISE Network. The app is a way of influencing the sub-consciousness by playing the game, and the goal is to encourage behaviour change towards healthier choices when people are buying food in their weekly shop. WISE Network is working with a number of companies interested in this area.

Bangor University’s Vice-Chancellor John Hughes tried out the new app on his visit to the stand on Wednesday.  The Vice-Chancellor is keen that the University becomes known globally as the Sustainable University and he is extremely supportive of the efforts to ‘Bring Sustainability to Life’ across campus and beyond.  As the introduction to the University’s new Sustainability Policy he states:

At Bangor University, sustainability is part of everything we do. It is how we function and why we function.”

Professor John G.Hughes, Vice Chancellor

The next day we were pleased to welcome Alun Davies, Minister of Natural Resources and Food, to the stand.  He also tried out the app and heard more about Bangor University’s work in sustainability.  It was also an opportunity to discuss more about the work that the WISE Network and SEACAMS projects are doing across Wales through the three Universities of Aberystwyth, Bangor and Swansea, to enable businesses to collaborate more closely with Universities to develop sustainable products, processes and services, and to contribute towards a more sustainable Wales economically, socially and environmentally.