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Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, 1918–2013

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an ordinary person who achieved extraordinary things

‘Today, an old man died peacefully in his home’ is not normally an eye catching headline.  Today is different.  Today marks the passing of a very special old man and the world is united in mourning a man that succeeded to change history through self-sacrifice, tolerance, forgiveness and love.

Few people can achieve as much as Nelson Mandela did in his lifetime.  No doubt we will be treated to an extensive account of his life, his work, his vision and what he achieved in the coming days and weeks, but it is worth pausing to reflect that the potential for individuals to change the world for the better is universal.

It was sad but inevitable. It is also an opportunity to celebrate, admire and emulate the life of an ordinary person who achieved extraordinary things.

Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory