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Freshers’ Fun at Bangor University with WISE Network

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WISE Network’s sustainable business experts and Bangor University’s Estates and Facilities team were at Freshers Fair, the most popular event of Welcome Week, where students sign up for clubs, societies, sports and volunteering. They met prospective new entrepreneurs and business leaders and helped the UniPlanet Team promote the University’s aim of ‘Bringing Sustainability to Life’ through UniPlanet, the unique structure and ongoing programme of improvements the Team has developed to understand and manage the University’s sustainable development under the commonly used sustainability structure: People, Planet and Prosperity.

Professor John Hughes, Vice Chancellor of Bangor University

Professor John Hughes, Vice Chancellor of Bangor University

John Hughes, Vice Chancellor of Bangor University is keen that the University becomes known globally as the Sustainable University and he is extremely supportive of WISE Network and the UniPlanet Team’s work to embed the UniPlanet structure across campus and beyond in teaching, research and public engagement. He says:

At Bangor University, sustainability is part of everything we do. It is how we function and why we function.”

The success of any sustainability initiative depends on input from every member of the community, and at Fresher’s Fair hundreds of students were inspired to get involved with sustainability both personally and professionally. The Team promoted how to exploit new opportunities through developing sustainable practices to further increase competitive edge in the jobs market and as entrepreneurs by tapping into WISE Network’s expertise in environmentally and socially responsible development, as well as promoting personal actions such as signing the University’s Sustainability Pledge, debating which sustainability developments the University should work on, and getting more involved with UniPlanet itself.

Ricky Carter

Ricky Carter, Bangor University’s Environmental Manager

It was great for new students to chat with WISE Network’s experts, they not only found out why everyone needs to play their part in helping the University reduce it’s environmental impact through simple everyday actions, but it’s also given them new, sustainable perspectives on their future careers and ambitions” said Ricky Carter, Bangor University’s Environment Manager.

UniPlanet asks two questions of the University which are also key to any business wanting to develop it’s environmental and social performance:

  • What are the organisation’s impacts on it’s regional and global environment and communities?
  • What can it do to improve things?

Dr Einir Young, Head of Sustainability and Director of WISE Network at Bangor

Freshers’ Fair was a great event to meet students at and talk about the opportunities available to them to develop their sustainable practices, as well as learn more about UniPlanet and Bangor’s sustainability initiatives”, said Dr Einir Young, Head of Sustainability and Director of WISE Network at Bangor University.