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Green power to the people in Conwy

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Cartrefi Conwy has teamed up with Bangor University to address fuel poverty issues and the rising cost of energy for tenants.

The ground-breaking project has been made possible thanks to funding from the Welsh Government’s Technology Strategy Board following assistance through WISE Network.

As a result, Dr Liz Shepherd has started a two-year study aimed at setting up an Energy Services Company (ESCo) which could deliver heat and power to tenants through low carbon means.

We will be looking at several ways we can generate energy including solar panels, small scale wind turbines and possibly heat pumps which would use new technology to take heat out of the air, ground and water.  Communities living higher up in the Conwy Valley may have access to hydro technology too.  We could possibly use the flow of streams and rivers to generate energy,” she said.

Cartrefi Conwy’s Asset and Sustainability Manager, Adrian Johnson, is also excited about the project:

Anything we can do to tackle fuel poverty and reduce energy costs for our tenants is worth pursuing.  There is a great deal of new technology out there and if we can harness that and see if we can make some of it work to help our communities and tenants then it’s only right we do so.  We are looking forward to develop further collaborative projects with WISE Network to build a lasting legacy of research in the company” he said.

For further details about the project, please contact Dr Liz Shepherd.