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Engaging about energy with social housing tenants in Conwy

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Throughout March, WISE Network and Cartrefi Conwy set out to investigate home heating and electricity use amongst social housing tenants in oil fired properties in Conwy.  The research forms part of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Cartrefi Conwy looking to establish energy services within the housing association.

Nearly 100 questionnaires were hand delivered to properties in Cerrigydrudion, Llansannan and LlanfairTH.  Residents were asked about how much they were spending on their heating and electricity, if they found their homes warm enough, if they had ever switched energy provider or tariff, and whether saving money or saving the environment motivated them to reduce their energy use.

Whilst the majority of residents were happy with the temperature of their homes, the survey found that around half of residents did worry about being able to afford keep warm in winter and over 20% had had to make compromises between heat and food in order to manage their budgets.  Saving money motivated more people to save energy than environmental reasons, however those who were aware of renewable energy felt largely positive about it.

Conducting the survey helped to highlight the benefits of proactive engagement with tenants on a one-to-one basis to identify energy issues, with some tenants raising problems or concerns about their energy use that may not have otherwise been revealed.  The answers given will be used to help identify what kinds of assistance would be of most benefit to tenants, which will inform the development of plans for providing energy services.  It is likely that energy assessments for tenants in their own individual properties could be a valuable service Cartrefi Conwy could develop for the future.

There are plans for further engagement activities to be undertaken later in the year that will involve a larger number of Cartrefi Conwy tenants.  It is hoped that it will be possible to host an event where tenants can find out more about energy efficiency and energy services and also be able to get involved in shaping plans.

For more information please contact Liz Shepherd at Cartrefi Conwy.