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New sustainable business CharterMark launched in Wales

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The first company receives theirs.

Many businesses have now realised that sustainability sells, especially with consumers being more aware of social and environmental issues.  However, it can be difficult to tell the difference between those that state their sustainability credentials on their PR material and those that are really committed to making a difference.

The Sustainable Businesses Team at Bangor University works with hundreds of Welsh companies to help them improve their sustainability credentials.  It has launched a new Sustainable Business CharterMark that is only available to enterprises that are committed to sustainable development and have already worked to improve or develop their sustainable development practices.

The CharterMark (pictured above) called ‘Working towards a Sustainable Future with business sense’ includes the year that the enterprise undertook their improvements.   The enterprise can choose to display the mark on their marketing materials and demonstrates the enterprises’ commitment to sustainable development.

Wefan Phytorigins websiteWe are pleased to announce that Phytorigins, a specialist Life Science company situated in Caernarfon, North Wales, is the first company to receive the CharterMark.  Phytorigins is working with WISE Network, a collaborative project between Bangor, Aberystwyth and Swansea Universities that benefits from European funding through the Welsh Government’s convergence programme.  With assistance from WISE Network, Phytorigins is investigating whether the use of specific feed additives could help control obesity in pets.  Obesity is a common condition affecting between 40-55% of animals in the western world, it causes many health problems including insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, laminitis, systemic inflammatory disorders, respiratory difficulties and some cancers.

We feel honoured to be the first company to receive the CharterMark demonstrating our commitment to sustainable development; we’ve already displayed the CharterMark on our website.  Sustainability is a key element to our work in investigating the effect of feed additives on the gut microbial populations and the potential in reducing obesity and therefore improving the well-being of pets.” said Dr Carol Michael, co-director of Phytorigins>

The global pet food market is set to reach US$95.7 billion by 2017, according to independent analysis by GIA (2011), opening up excellent opportunities for commercialisation of project outputs for Phytorigins and WISE Network partners and significant potential gains for the Welsh Economy.

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