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Healthy interest at the Natural Cosmetics Seminar

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WISE Network partnered with The High Value Chemicals from Plants Network and the BEACON Project to hold a Natural Cosmetics seminar in Bangor. The seminar was well attended by businesses from cottage industries to multinationals, along with support organisations and academics from the UK.

The chair Dr Vera Thoss commented:

The seminar gave an excellent overview of cosmetic innovation, cosmetics ingredients, legislation and marketing, combined with ample time for networking and discussion which was of great benefit to all attendees.”

Prof Cathie Martin from the John Innes Centre and Persephone Bio Ltd gave an inspiring talk on phenolic compounds derived from tomato plants, tomato strains with increased concentrations of different specific polyphenolics, and simple processing which yields the compounds in aqueous solution, a procedure acceptable for cosmetic ingredients.

Elaine Eggington from IP Pragmatics spoke about innovation in the cosmetics industry and outlined the different approaches to patentable innovation and innovation protection, such as novel extraction protocols, underutilised plants or specific activities of extracts or compounds. She gave a worldwide view and highlighted the most active players in the area.

Bernice Ridley from Croda highlighted the variety of cosmetic ingredients and how these are manufactured sustainably, and Olivia Santoni from the Cosmetics Toiletry & Perfume Association gave an overview of current legislation on cosmetics products and requirements for manufacturers.

Flash presentations followed on different isolation approaches, biologically active compounds from green biomass, and chemical modification of chitosan.

The last talk by Rebecca Colley-Jones and Chris Hillier from WISE Network highlighted issues of branding, consumer perception, and considerations for packaging. The seminar concluded with facilitated workshops on branding, resource efficiency, research needs, and small scale producers.